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JW Marriott- Cancun, Mexico

        So a "last minute" vacation put me in Cancun, Mexico staying @ the JW Marriott. (By "Last Minute" I mean booked 4 days prior to my arrival!!!) The weather was 82 degrees and a bit cloudy, which beats staying in NY just as the forecast called for a "Wintery Mix". 

        Just before the plane touched down I could see from my seat the Control Tower wrapped in a picture of a Corona bottle, I knew my Vacation had officially begun. Exiting the Airport in cancun was an interesting experience in that 15-20 people were trying to phisically pull us towards a counter where they attempt to sell you on a myriad of "Tours". After stating I wasn't interested approx. 10X I finally found my way outside.

         I found my way to a car service booked through the hotel and met another couple from the NY area. We traveled to the hotel and I expected as with most arrival encounters I would not see this couple much during my stay as I would be out and about in the world of Cancun. Turns out I ran into this couple 2 days later and every day after and we had a blast. Along with them I met two women that were staying in the JW, one that has been staying the same 2-weeks since '86 and her friend that she invited for the first week. Turns out that when you are a regular such as she was you receive a "Towel Animal" in your room every evening which I must admit I may have been a little bit jealous about!! Everyday we all enjoyed the services of the JW including the Pool, Beach, Restaurants and my favorite- Club 91 (which I will get back to).


        I thought about taking a trip to Chitzen-Itza but when I learned that it was a 2 1/2 hour drive each way = an all day outing... I decided it sounded alot like work. As I was on Vacation I didn't feel 5 hours traveling in a car was going to help me to relax. So I hit up the pool and the Ocean each day with a bit of time at the Gym mixed in for good measure.   











        Back to Club 91 (As promised)- The hotel offers a service that offers breakfast, lunch, dinner & drinks. Each day there was fresh fruits and juices, eggs, meats, cheeses, breads, etc. And that was just for breakfast. For lunch there was salads, sandwiches, fruits, meats, cheeses and desserts. Each night there was dinner presented by local restaurants such as The Japenese presentation of Mikado with Sushi chef making rolls and sashimi to order. The Argentinian steakhouse- La Capilla that showcased NY Stripsteak, Prosciutto wrapped greenbeans, fresh mozzarella & Tomato. The Sedona Grill selections consisted of coffee rubbed filet mignon, salmon, penne with cream sauce, and the list goes on and on. Each of these dinners were accompanied by incredibly delicious works of art including strawberry mouse, apple tarts, creme brulee, and a vast array of others. For each meal there was a coffee, cappacino, esspresso and hot chocolate machine. everyone of us had beyond our fill of cappachino's! Everytime you entered the Club you were greeted by one of the wonderful staff- Roxanna, Korinna, Martha, and Marcia. These ladies also tended the bar and provided libations of all kinds- Don Julio Tequila, Chardonney, Malbec, Several types of scotch, beers, vodkas, etc. The only drink that wasn't available in the Club was a Mojito due to a lack of mint- until the couple I had met on the drive from the airport "aquired" some from the swim-up pool bar earlier in the day!!!!



        By the time I finished soaking up the sun, eating the food, using the Gym & Spa, having drinks and just flat out relaxing I realized I should take some pics. So a few morning's I woke up and was on the beach by 5am waiting for the sun to rise and a few evening's I waited across the street to catch the sun set. I even peeled myself off the beach chair a few times during the day to take some shot around the hotel. Next time I find myself in Cancun I will venture out to shoot some of the local scenery and historic districts..... if I can get out of the ocean long enough to do it that is!!!!! I may not have taken away from this trip the usual filled memory cards from photographing all there was to be seen but I did take away new friendships that will be filled with lots of great memories!!!!!!

                                                      eat. drink. and enjoy life's art.



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LI Gaslines

Went by Main Street today to deliver donations of clothing, towels, etc to Finest Fitness and saw a similar scene to that observed by many all over the tri-state area. The Gas lines were held in check by law enforcement, this being the fine men and women of the SCPD. The people waiting for hours to receive the maximum alotment of $40 in gas were waiting as patiently as possible and sharing stories of hardships each other had endored. With the Nor'easter looming, we will hope the situation improve's and all of our neighbors remain safe. Stay safe. Help each other. And remember that this is our home.... which makes us all family.

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Augusta, Ga- Ironman 70.3 September 29, 2012

Starting at 7:30am- 3,466 People from all walks of life, such as-Students, Police Officers, Business People, Flight Attendants and unemployed male and female’s ranging in ages from 18-72 years old began at the sound of cannon fire. These competitor's started by swimming 1.2 miles in the Savannah River then Biking 56 miles through the hills of Georgia and South Carolina and finishing by running 13.1 miles through Downtown Augusta.



They came from places such as the USA, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, China, Spain, Mexico, Columbia, Costa Rica, and the Netherlands. From Amateurs to Pro’s, they gathered and in there designated groups entered the water awaiting the sound to release them on their way from start to finish.




I came to see, support and even photograph a competitor that bears no physical resemblance to my wife even though they are indisputably brother and sister. A man that has overcome significant personal trials and tribulations to find himself here ready to persevere regardless of what hardships have paved his way to this moment.  Ray Gogarty is a Police Officer, a father, a son, a brother and a friend that has trained long and hard. He hoped to A- Finish the event and B- If he finished it, to do it under 6 hours. Ray not only completed his first Half Ironman, but completed it in 5 hours 42 Minutes. His family was in attendance and felt an overwhelming sense of pride in him. All of the athletes that did compete that day for whatever reasons did so with exceptional courage, as was scene thru my lense. Good Job to all and Congratulations to Ray J. Gogarty... Coming soon-2013 Kentucky-Full Ironman!!!!!!!


To enjoy all photo's from this event please click on the following Link-


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Slacking and trips continued.......The Barking Crab-Boston!!!!!

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Obviously I've been slacking in posting but not on travel and Pics......
Random shots while at the Loughlin Vineyard in Sayville. Nice place to pass the time on an unseasonably warm winter day with family. I recommend the Chardonnay! 
We also stopped by Southhaven Park to visit a few friends......


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Local Shots.



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Life Scene Thru the Lense
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NOFX- Sun Oct 23,2011
NOFX @ The Paramount in Huntington, NY

The ARt.- Awesome Show, The new venue was great!!!!
NOFX Kicked Ass as usual!!!!!!!!!!  

The Drink.- Blue Point Toasted was good
(Except the $9 per 12-ounce drafts Price Tag- 
even if it was Blue Point. 
And the $7 cans of Bud & Bud Light- Seemed a bit much.......

The Food- Clif bars, PB&J and a few other
snacks were written on the Mirror behind the bar.

Only other issue was that 10mins after getting in I had to
 practically beg and bribe to run out to the car to grab my cell,
even though I still had my ticket. 
 Unfortunately I only had my cell to take the pics with........ I look forward to going back to as many shows as I can. It rivals Irving and Roseland with half the travel time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Longevity is the key- Unknown Author The horse and mule live thirty years
And never knows of wines and beers.
The goat and sheep at twenty die
Without a taste of scotch or rye.
The cow drinks water by the ton
And at eighteen is mostly done.
The dog at fifteen cashes in
Without the aid of rum or gin.
The modest, sober, bone-dry hen
Lays eggs for noggs and dies at ten.
But sinful, ginful, rum-soaked men
Survive three-score years and ten.
And some of us…though mighty few
Stay pickled ’til we’re ninety-two.
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Dragonfly Lounge- Stamford Conn. In Stamford Connecticut there is a restaurant named "The Dragonfly Lounge". It's Goth inspired dining area with dull lighting coming thru grates on the floors makes for a cool feel as you walk to your table. It serves "Small Plates" otherwise known as Tapas. The idea is to order a few per diner and share.
     The Drink- selection is vast, I had a pint of Dead Guy Rogue Ale and a Seasonal IPA that the waitress recommended- both were great but I should have had another of the IPA. 

     The Food-   Ordered the Shirazi Salad-Fresh Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Red onion all diced with field greens covered in EVOO w/lemon juice and parsley. Awesome!!!!!!!!!

Chicken Satay- Grilled perfectly over a wasabi pesto.

Kobe Beef Skewers- Holy Crap!!!! Perfectly cooked with a chili sauce that was too incredible to describe.

Fried Rice- Rivals any of my favorite Chinese take-outs joints.........

Kobe Burger- Had to see if the name "Kobe" would actually live up to its rep. God Damn, it did!!!!!!!!! ordered Med Rare and it was served as such! it came on a brioche roll with the usual Lettuce, Onion and Tomato but the cheese however was anything but usual. It was Dubliner Cheese and I'm now sold on it!!!!!

Here are a few pics of the great things that Dragonfly has to offer. You may notice that not everything I listed made it into pics but I just couldn't stop myself from eating it long enough to photograph it...............I not only recommend this place for dinner but I can't wait to find an excuse to swing back thru Stamford to try the Tuna Tacos and the Smoked Gouda Ravioli.

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The Big E Went with friends to West Springfield, Massachusettes to "The Big E".

What is the Big E? The largest fair in the Northeast that ran from Sept 14- Sept 30. It incorporates the 6 northeast states showcasing everything from food, drinks, crafts, to livestock and just about every "As seen on tv" item ever imagined.... and some that should have never been conceived. The idea is to go thru a row of houses similiar to a college frat house row filled with stands selling beer, wine, desserts, food and crafts. And an unusual amount of flannel and Maple syrup mixed into ice cream w/bacon (which was not too bad!!!!)

Conn.- Not much food or drink to sample but did buy a bunch of Pez......

Rhode Island- Scallop Fritters!!!!! Burned fingers & tongue...... more dough then scallop but every so often you get a nice chunk that tasted great.

AM-1617-23y-1 Maine- Lobster Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!  Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!!!!

Vermont- Organic sausage pizza.....Mmmmmmmm, Good stuff. Enjoyed with an awesome Otter Creek Black IPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Hampshire- FRESH Corn on the cob.... enough said!!!

Mass.- Looked around but didn't sample.....


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9/18- Wine, Beer and Oyster Festival 2011 Jamesport Vinyards and Blue Point Brewery Present- Reckoning and The Electrix

Went to this outdoor event that had the best of all worlds.

     The food- Tasty Fresh grilled corn, Jerk chicken that was incredible, (Unfortunatly I didn't get a chance at the raw bar- clams & oysters).

     The Drink- Jamesport Wines- Had the White Cinq that was nice. And had a few pints of Blue Point- Hoptical and Golden (you can never go wrong with BP!)

     The Art- Two Jam bands, Reckoning and The Electrix- Both have great sounds for the relaxed atmosphere that surrounded this event.

     The event was host to people and dogs of all sizes, ages and shapes.  A good time had by all.

John Salta-3028

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Upcoming Events-

NOFX with Anti-Flag, Old Man Markley

October 23, 2011 8:00p
The Paramount Huntington
Event (Music, Alternative)
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Labor Day Photos


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Labor Day Photos

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The Art Space Project

     A newly opened apartment complex that is designated to providing affordable apartments for local artists. It also provides a nice exhibition space on the ground floor that showcases the in-house artists works. I had the opportunity to explore this artistic building which in and of itself is a work of modern art that contains modern, traditional, abstract, etc works of art. Please check out the attached link to learn more about this great addition to the South Shore!!! -E.
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Cloudy Blue Skies I saw this sky while driving home and thought that the clouds looked fake. It's times like these that I am glad I have my camera to capture these moments. -E.

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Tiki & Silhouette Bay
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Life Scene Thru the Lense
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William Hughes Mearns (1875-1965) "Antigonish" (1899)

Yesterday upon the stair
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
Oh, how I wish he’d go away

When I came home last night at three
The man was waiting there for me
But when I looked around the hall
I couldn’t see him there at all!

Go away, go away, don’t you come back any more!
Go away, go away, and please don’t slam the door

Last night I saw upon the stair
A little man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
Oh, how I wish he’d go away
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